Set List: Billy Carroll

New York's Def Mix is the dynamic production company helmed by Judy Weinstein, Frankie Knuckles, David Morales, Satoshi Tomiie, and Hector Romero. An anchor of the entire house music scene, Def Mix celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2007, kicking off a year of parties with Def Mix 20 at Shine at the Shelborne Beach Resort. For the occasion the Fab Four have selected good friend Billy Carroll to play a special set of Def Mix classics in the front lounge. Carroll's selections will celebrate the sheer staying power and funk-fueled force that is Def Mix, highlighting both remixes and original productions. Carroll was an early member of the record pool that spawned the enduring empire and remains a favorite of the whole Def Mix crew. Though well-known as a major kingpin and pioneer of the global circuit scene, Carroll's unabridged resumé also includes stints at holy-grail hotspots like Studio 54 and Paradise Garage, and their decadent successors Limelight, USA, Tunnel, and Twilo. He's been an evergreen in New York City's urban jungle, armed all the while with Def Mix classics such as the ones listed below, some of which he says haven't left his record bag in some fifteen-odd years. "A DJ is only as good as the music you play," notes Carroll. "Without the gifts of these masters of dance, my, what a soulless place dance clubs would have been."

1. Ce Ce Peniston, "Keep Givin' Me Your Love (The Boss Mix)" (Energy Flash)
2. Safire, "Taste the Bass (Morales Dub)" (Mercury)
3. Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson, "The Best Things in Life are Free (Frankie Knuckles & David Morales Mix)" (Perspective)
4. M-People, "One Night in Heaven (Morales's Tunnel Dub Mix)" (BMG)
5. Marc Anthony, "I Need to Know (Bobby D'Ambrosio Dub)" (Columbia)
6. Alexander O' Neal, "What is This Thing Called Love (the Morales Mixes)" (Tabu)
7. Adventures of Stevie B, "Dirty Cash (Morales Mix)" (Polygram)
8. K-Jee, "Shellshock (Satoshi Tomiie Mix)" (S3)
9. Electribe 101, "Talking With Myself (the Frankie Knuckles Sessions)" (Mercury)
10. Alison Limerick, "Where Love Lives (Cut to the Bone Mix)" (Arista)


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