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Dan Vidal

Set List

Gabriel Fain

Sundays, Jade Last year Gabriel Fain was making waves on the Miami dance scene, producing club hits such as Push the Bass and holding down gigs at Blue, Nerve, and Space. After a brief hiatus, he has returned to host an afternoon of tribal, progressive, tech-house, and breaks for Jade's Sunday-school revelers, quickly regaining his momentum as a rising star on the beach. -- Mosi Reeves

1. Steve Angello, The Look (I Feel Sexy) (D. Ramirez remix) (Distraekt)

2. Cirez-D, Diamond Girl (Escape)

3. Tony Masters & Fuf, Destination (CD-R)

4. The New Soul, Copa Move (white label)

5. Nekromantik, C'mon + Dance (Aniss)

6. Gabriel Fain, Take Off (CD-R)

7. Sleepfreaks, Strobe Donkey (Sumsonic)

8. Martin H, Over (Original mix) (Solar)

9. Piliavin & Zimbardo, Screaming Trees (Distraekt)

10. Coldfusion, A World of Sound (K.I.D remix) (Royal Flush)


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