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Tommy Ryk Saturdays, Skybar; Mondays, Sofi Lounge Hey now, this is just the dude Miami needs to bridge the gap between the downtown hipster-tropolis and a Guido-thronged, cologne-scented South Beach. A down-to-earth 28-year-old spinja who relocated from New York City two years ago, Tommy Ryk now holds down residency within the cardiac-inducing flashlight walls of the Shore Club's Skybar on Saturdays and a Monday party in the speaker-stabbed ruckus that is Sofi Lounge. He's scheduled to spin at the Shelborne Hotel's new Eighteen Club when it opens on March 18, too.

1. Public Enemy, Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man (Def Jam)

2. Iggy Pop, Search and Destroy (CBS Records)

3. Laid Back, White Horse (Sire)

4. Gang Starr, Mass Appeal (Chrysalis)

5. M.I.A., Galang (XL Recordings)

6. VHS or Beta, No Cabaret! (Astralwerks)

7. Adult., Hand to Phone (Ersatz Audio)

8. Peedi Crakk, Fall Back (Roc-A-Fella)

9. Le Tigre, Tell You Now (Chicks on Speed Records)

10. Nice & Wild, Diamond Girl (Atlantic)


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