Serrat and Sabina

Serrat and Sabina at American Airlines Arena November 16

That Francisco Franco was a real buzzkill, eh? Not only was Spain's authoritarian dictator responsible for more than 200,000 deaths in the first two years of his 39-year reign, but the son of a bitch also barred Joan Manuel Serrat from performing in 1968's Eurovision Song Contest and made sure Joaquín Sabina couldn't freely spit his anti-fascist propaganda. Of course, Serrat and Sabina got the last laugh when Franco died seven years later. Yeah, the despot was old as dirt, but dead is dead is dead. Meanwhile, Joan and Joaquín went on to become two of the most celebrated Iberian singer-songwriters in history, though they didn't work together until the 2007 collaborative record Dos Pájaros de un Tiro. This week, Serrat and Sabina will perform together at the American Airlines Arena in support of their second album, La Orquesta del Titanic. "This work comes from the will of two people who get along well and know their commonalities and things that can lead to divergences," Sabina told reporters at a promotional news conference earlier this year. "There are unspoken rules between two people who love, respect, admire [each other]." ¡Viva Serrat y Sabina!


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