Self Run Will

If it's Tuesday, there's another hidden local gem playing at Churchill's; this time it's Self Run Will. These four guys are masters of MySpace self-deprecation, littering their page with admissions that they're "white trash" and that they sound like "the same old shit." That would be all well and good if their music were an exercise in massive suckage, but it isn't.

In fact their roots-indie sound is a supremely tuneful concoction that combines the playfulness of the Foo Fighters with the nu-hard-rock slickness of Florida's own tragically underappreciated Socialburn. As for the "white trash" part, that's BS too. Prior to his relocation to Miami, singer Mike Barnhill held down the bass end of Oregon power trio Courtesy Clerks, which at one point surprised everyone by selling out the Whiskey in L.A. and getting press love from Rolling Stone. More recently Self Run Will's rabid following helped the group survive a round at last year's Bodog Music Battle of the Bands. The bandmates are currently at work on their first self-released album.


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