Selena Gomez's Death Threat and the Ten Creepiest Pop Star Stalkers of All Time

Barely legal teen pop queen (and Justin Bieber's girlfriend) Selena Gomez received a seriously threatening letter from a superfan-turned-stalker named Thomas Brodnicki and Crossfade can't help but wonder if those naked gold statues had anything to do with it.

Regardless, it's ridiculous for a 46-year-old man to become so obsessed with a 19-year-old pop star that he plots to kill her. A plot, we must add, that he has allegedly mulled over with God Himself.

No matter how outlandish it may seem, pop star stalking is a standard occurrence in the warped world of celebrity fanaticism. And here are the ten creepiest on record.

10. Sheryl Crow

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All I Wanna Do Is Stalk Sheryl Crow

Back in 2004, Sheryl Crow was being stalked by a man who believed he and Ms. Crow were "spiritual twins, if there was such a thing" and felt that he and the pop-country siren shared "unexplainable...similarities and similar wavelengths."

9. Avril Lavigne

He Was A Boy, She Was A Girl

Avril Lavigne's own overzealous 30 -ear-old male groupie sent her wine, CDs, and desperate pleas for some kind of response. He eventually upgraded to sneaking around her parents' house, until the Canadian alt-pop princess got legal on his ass.

8. Eddie Vedder

Forbidden Flannel

Eddie Vedder had a lot to say about stalkers in this interview with NME from 1998, also known as the last time anyone cared about Pearl Jam.

7. Britney Spears

Leave Britney Alone (As Mandated by the State of California)

We imagine Brit stalkers are among the most tragic of that depraved crossection of society that picks through famous people's garbage. And that suspicion is confirmed by the actions of a Japenese superfanatic who not only sent the requisite letters and creepy self-portraits (pestering her enough to warrant a Judge in California to issue a restraining order), but even issued his own lawsuit against Spears for psychological damages incurred at the hands of her security entourage.

6. Marilyn Manson

Antichrist Super Stalker

When British band Ash's longtime stalker moved on to shock-rocker Marilyn Manson, the group's members were relieved. They were free from the torments of an obsessive freak. And after all, Manson "is much better equipped for dealing with that sort of person."

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