Second Sun

It ain't no disco when Second Sun blows up a room, or at least that's not how the Miami DJ duo looks at it. Sure, a lot of knob-twiddling is going on when the pair makes its hypnotizing house and trance sounds. But Antoine Toupin and Adam Cavaluzi, who met by chance in the keyboard department of a Montreal music store, want to be rock stars, not bouncing synth geeks. To accomplish this, they're working on expanding their already-potent stage show, which spotlights the Mohawked Toupin's commanding presence as singer/frontman. For their forthcoming world tour, they'll be adding a bass player, guitarist, and additional keyboardist to beef up the live act.

The duo stormed onto the electronic dance music scene when "Empire," the first song they wrote, landed them a record deal with Paul Van Dyk's Vandit records, after the track was handed to the DJ at one of his sets in New York City. In 2005, they released their debut artist album, Inside Out, in North America only. The next year saw them hitting the house scene in a major way with one of the biggest tracks at Winter Music Conference, their remix of Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust." Later on, Toupin sang on Sharam's "Party All the Time," which became a major dance hit. While all of this was going on, URB magazine dubbed them "clubland's newest superstars." This year finds them amid a gathering storm of activity — their world tour will revolve around their first international artist LP, as yet untitled, due out in March.


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