Screw Work! Shoplift! Lil Daggers Premiere "King Corpse" Music Video

You're jolted awake at 7 a.m. by the infuriating screech of your dollar-store alarm clock, too tired, too sober, and too pissed off for another work day, just sick of minimum-wage paychecks, thinking, "Fuck my life."

But after you've had your wake-and-bake and sipped some coffee, you start to feel a little less shitty, realizing, "Well, it's only 7:30 in the morning. So if I skip my shower and hurry, I'll still have time to rob a motherfucker, have a drink, and only be 15 minutes late."

That's called reverse work ethic. And it's something to which local psyched-out creep crew Lil Daggers totally subscribe.

The proof: A brand-new official clip for "King Corpse" off the crew's freshly spilled self-titled debut slab on Livid Records. It's the Daggers first official music video, directed by video editor Matthew Prickett and packed full of fuck-the-rich-man attitude.

Screw work! Shoplift!

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