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Screw Work! Shoplift! Lil Daggers Premiere "King Corpse" Music Video

4 years ago by S. Pajot
You're jolted awake at 7 a.m. by the infuriating screech of your dollar-store alarm clock, too tired, too sober, and too pissed off for another work day, just sick of minimum-wage paychecks, thinking, "Fuck my life." But after you've had your wake-and-bake and sipped some coffee, you start to feel...

Smoke and Dagger

4 years ago by Amanda McCorquodale
Imagine a late-night bonfire on the beach, everyone drunk on anarchy, and folks start burning cars and overturning trash cans as they howl. Now record that scene onto vinyl and you’d have King Corpse, the latest seven-inch from Miami garage psych band Lil Daggers. The music is lo-fi and dark,...

Casting Call: Lil Daggers Seek Girl and Guy for a Music Video About Murder

4 years ago by S. Pajot
Wanna star in a faux snuff flick? Well, if you've been dying to die on film (or commit some kind of bloody crime in front of the camera), this might be your big break 'cause local psych-rock creeps Lil Daggers are currently seeking one girl and one guy for a...

Lil Daggers, the Heartstrings, and Teepee at New Times' Miami Music Festival VIP Party

4 years ago by S. Pajot
See the full 34-photo New Times VIP Party slideshow. Did you make it to New Times' Miami Music Festival thing at the Stage last night? If not, there could be a few reasons. For starters, it was only open to "Very Important People." (Boo, right?) Next, maybe you failed to...
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"King Corpse"

There are a lot of reasons to love Lil Daggers. The neo-psychedelia meets punk is infectious in a gangrenous kind of way. And putting their sound to video only makes you realize they are worth losing a limb for. British-born director Matthew Prickett takes "King Corpse," a sloppy rock 'n'...
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