It might surprise those who haven't kept up with the hard-rock legends of yesteryear, but Scorpions never actually went away. In fact, with their current world tour, Get Your Sting and Blackout, they're just now getting around to retiring. And they're doing so in appropriately bombastic fashion, with worldwide dates expected to stretch into 2013.

The German metal-crossover kings are still, perhaps, best known for their inescapable '80s hits. Who can go to a sports event without hearing "Rock You Like a Hurricane" or any dive bar without catching the wailing love paean "No One Like You"? Still, with a good three-quarters of their classic lineup intact, Scorpions have continued to release new albums, at the rate of one every three years or so, throughout the '90s and '00s. The latest, Sting in the Tail, was released this past March, so expect plenty of selections from that disc along with the fist-pumping classics. Support comes from Ratt, the best hard-rock act named for a rodent.


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