Scion House Party Miami

Even in the flannel-flapping grunge era, The Juan Maclean pretended he was I, Cyborg in his old band, Six Finger Satellite. A decade on, post-rock-band breakup and crack-rock breakdown, he again dons the chrome pate, made fashionable anew in a century populated by Daft Punk and the return of Battlestar Gallactica. As his sleek, silvery debut, 2005's Less than Human made evident, Maclean is into the slippery surfaces of disco and the serrated squelches of acid house and techno, a few genres that swell his flight cases these days and will no doubt serve as the foundation of his DJ set when Maclean hits The Vagabond as part of Scion's new House Party series. DFA labelmate Still Going is the other big draw, as well as local favorites Jessica Who? and Induce.


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