MT-TV was born at night, just not last night

Scandalously Hard

Women are positioning themselves to stick it to men once and for all. Not content with bum-rushing the academic world by earning degrees, females are targeting anything considered male-sacrosanct, including prog-metal.

Under the constant threat of being completely written off as the dumber sex, men must start to enhance their collective image, so I do my part by beginning an interrogation of MT-TV — a nine-piece all-girl act from England that recently released its first album on Miami's Korvid Records — with a question that screams Evolutional Advancement:

So how many times have guys come up to you and offered to buy you cars and shit?



"For some reason our lead guitarist, Alex, is a gay-man-magnet," says the band's singer, Krow, the one into the bride trip. "Gay men flock to her like you wouldn't believe. That's probably not what you're asking, though."

Touchdown for our side, I think to myself, before she continues, "As far as guys offering to buy us expensive cars and stuff, I don't know that that kind of culture exists anymore, does it? Implicit within that kind of offer is a reciprocal deal, is there not?"

I laugh incredulously and unconvincingly, the way Dennis Hastert probably laughed when he was first accused of covering up the Mark Foley scandal.

"However," she chuckles (and at least she's chuckling), "if any affluent man or woman is nursing secret philanthropic urges to throw vehicles and cash our way, please don't hesitate."

MT-TV's sound and fury signify something between early Deep Purple and Lita Ford, but these bandmates are Europeans, mostly from the UK, which was where — England specifically — Korvid chief and native Miamian Lawrence Brightman discovered them. There was the outside possibility that some other fellow out there might have wanted to assume control of nine hard-rock babes in one shot. So Korvid signed the ladies up fast. They're finishing their first proper LP in Detroit and playing shows in the area. The label released their Live in France album in 2004. — Eric W. Saeger


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