Saves the Day

Sweet New Jersey has had a bad rap for so long now it's beginning to tarnish great summertime vacation memories of visiting my relatives in Newark. Quick facts about the Garden State: Pre-psychic friends Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, and Connie Francis hail from there; the first solid-body guitar (Les Paul, 1940) was made there, and America's first brewery opened its doors in 1642 in Hoboken. So it's charged with this musical and alcoholic past that Saves the Day, I assume, is setting out to save. The decade-long racket that began when the bandmates were young teens has grown into a many-tour-and-record career with many tours and records, including new disc Sound the Alarm slated for an early April release. It seems their emo/indie/ punk mission of covering your little sister's wall with their photos ain't letting up anytime soon. Don't forget to demand some of their early acoustic numbers too!


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