Saturday: Guti Afterhours at Eden Terrace Garden

Techno Box and the usual suspects of Miami's techno afterhours scene present Guti live at Eden Terrace Garden on Sunday dawn. This young Argentinian prodigy boasts one of the most imaginative and genre-bending sounds in contemporary house and minimal techno. A virtuosic jazz pianist with a penchant for Latin polyrhythms and melodic Salsa motifs, his productions sound something like a Fania All-Stars vinyl record chopped up in an industrial blender and re-sequenced by Richie Hawtin. Local DJs Tuki Romero, Tomas Quiceno, Simon Wish, and D Franko will spin in support of Guti.

Sunday, March 15. Eden Terrace Garden, Noctural. 50 NE 11 St., Downtown Miami. Doors open at 4 a.m.


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