Sascha Funke

It's almost endearing that Sascha Funke seems to be so uncertain on his installment of Bpitch Control's Boogy Bytes DJ mix series. It is, after all, his first officially released mix, and so the anonymity he displays with run-of-the-mill electrohouse selections on the disc's first half is understandable. He just wants to be liked. The songs themselves are coy — melodies play hard to get, bouncing around like light and only occasionally connecting by shining at you head-on. In the midst of the predictable clicking and Chicago-inspired rhythms, Funke finally gives us a one-of-a-kind treat, bathing us in the sunshine of early Nineties raves with Transformer 2's "Pacific Symphony." For those five minutes, Boogy Bytes is the most glorious thing you'll hear all year. But this peak is unfortunately pronounced on both sides — more sounds du jour follow, with even less melody to grab on to.


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