The three men of Santos formed a quick and immediately productive bond a few years ago. And it is evident that the laid-back environs of Cocoa Beach and the idylls of a lackadaisical Central Florida lifestyle have gelled them a fine acoustic-rock sound with enough tinges of soul and R&B to keep it interesting for the college rock crowd. And boy am I pleased their songs aren't of the dorm-room-Dave-Matthews vomitorium variety. No, these cats write nice songs and play them well. And they'll go up and down the entire East Coast to share 'em with whomever will listen. Don't forget to pick up their self-titled twelve-track platter. That's the spirit, boys! The mood will fluctuate all night with local punksters (high on Fidel's recent follies, I'm sure) Güajiro, Monkey Fist, and Roly.


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