Don't miss the Dirty Hairy arty party starring Santigold.

Santigold at LIV's Dirty Hairy party November 30

Bribe the bouncer. Buy a dozen bottles. Get a job behind the bar.

We will personally do whatever is necessary to get our art-addicted asses past the velvet ropes at LIV this Wednesday. But you should probably just keep it legit and buy a pair of tickets. Right. Now. Why exactly? 'Cause Dirty Hairy will host a pair of hot and heavy headliners for its pre-Art Basel Miami Beach bash. And we're talkin' indie-dub diva Santigold and Rick Ross-approved rap star Wale.

For residents of the MIA, a night with Wale alone might not be worth the $60 price tag — not to mention doorman payoffs, multiple magnums of Dom, or employment as a bar back. After all, the D.C. native is an inked member of Ricky Rozay's Maybach Music stable. Which means he's constantly crashing SoBe clubs and 305 stages for celeb appearances and quick-and-dirty sets, either solo, alongside the Bawse, or in tandem with the million other rappers who vacation year-round on South Florida's shores.



With Wale as part of Dirty Hairy. 11 p.m. Wednesday, November 30, at LIV, 4441 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 305-674-4680; Tickets cost $60 via

But Santigold — well, she hasn't hit the Beach since tag-teaming the Paris Theatre with Kid Cudi in November 2009. And because details surrounding the release of her long-awaited sophomore slab, American Dreaming, are still sketchy, who knows if you'll have to wait another 24 months before you get another shot to "Go," "Shove It," and "Say Aha" with the punky Philly-bred party girl?

Don't risk it. Drop the cash. Get those tix.


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