Sandra Luna
Nora Lezano

Sandra Luna

Say adiós to any kitsch or retro notions you may have about tango. Sandra Luna, a 38-year-old chanteuse and mother from Buenos Aires, will make sure you never think of this most beloved Argentine art form the same way again. As part of a brief U.S. tour, Luna, accompanied by husband and cellist Daniel Pucci, pianist Exequiel Mantega, and Daniel Ruggiero on the bandoneón (the accordionlike instrument that forever holds the soul of tango), will hit Miami to perform songs from her international debut, Tango Varón (Male Tango).

"To sing tango one must have strength. The strength associated with being a male," says Luna at home in Buenos Aires. "In women, it's the ovaries. In men, the balls. Well, I guess I have both." -- Juan Carlos Pérez-Duthie


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