Sander Van Doorn at Eden Terrace September 17

Love it or hate it, trance continues to influence international club culture, from London to Ibiza to NYC. While we revile the Jersey Shore-like cheese of some trance DJs, we get the latest euphoric juggernaut out of the Netherlands, Sander Van Doorn.

This Saturday, he'll drop his dark, tough trance at Eden Terrace. We asked him about the global DJ pyramid, making money, and what's rocking his box.

New Times: For people who have a stereotype of trance as a form of symphonic overload, can you explain how your tech-trance sound is different and might put them at ease?


Sander Van Doorn

Sander Van Doorn: Friday, September 17, at Eden Terrace, 50 NE 11 St., Miami; 305-576-6996; Doors open at 11 p.m. Tickets cost $25.

Van Doorn: Tech-trance is darker, tougher, and more driving. It also incorporates elements from other dance genres like techno and tech-house that give the subtle touches that keep it interesting. I find it's a great middle ground that bridges the gap between trance and house, techno and electro. [It] makes DJing a lot more varied as well, so that's why you'll hear me playing a real mixed bag of tunes in my sets.

You seem to have risen to the top of the global DJ pyramid quite fast. What's been the fuel for your fire? Internet buzz? Touring? Producing?

It's gotta be producing. I love creating tracks! I'm originally a producer rather than a DJ, so I guess it's my first love. In terms of becoming successful, I also think it's all about the tracks. You can tour as much as you like and have a 24-hour PR team working away, but without the tracks, you are nothing.

In an age when it's really hard to make money off of CDs, why is it important for you to put out a compilation like your latest, Dusk Till Doorn?

Dusk Till Doorn is great promotion for me as a DJ but also as a brand and club night. What better way to experience a concept without being there? It's all about the music after all!

What three tracks are rocking your box these days?

1. Steve Angello, "KNAS": This one really stands out as it's a more minimal on the elements yet has so much energy.

2. 4 Strings, "Sundown": A combo of trance and progressive house, this track has a really emotive vibe.

3. Sander Van Doorn, "Daddyrock": Maybe this is shameless self-promotion, but I'm playing this every set and it's getting a really great reaction!


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