Sander Kleinenberg

You already know Sander Kleinenberg's music, although you might not be aware of that fact. You probably first heard it at a certain Park West nightclub at 8 a.m. while rolling so hard you thought you were in Ibiza. But you weren't in Ibiza — Kleinenberg's track came on to save the day, reminding you, "This is Miami!"

He might have scored his biggest club hit with that 2006 track, but the Dutch DJ has been familiar to trance-heads across the globe since the early '90s. With his latest Ultra Records release, This Is Sander Kleinenberg 2, he mixes tracks by well-known names such as Phonique, Stimming, and Mason, and even throws in an original track, "This Is Our Night." It doesn't stray too far from what made "This Is Miami" so popular. It lets listeners know, "This is our sound/This is our truth/Our religion/Our youth." Cheesy lyrics aside, Kleinenberg is skillful behind the decks, and he'll surely prove it to a likely more sober South Beach crowd.


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