Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera began his musical career in Texas playing guitar in a noisy punk band before discovering Dave Matthews and deciding he wanted to make music that sounded softer, trading electric for acoustic and forming alt-rock band Rubic's Groove. The band grew popular in Dallas, opening for acts like Cheap Trick, Ben Harper, and Third Eye Blind (back when people loved "Jumper" and "How's It Going to Be?" — awhile ago). Eventually Cabrera decided the band was cramping his style and split, recording and self-releasing Elm Street, which sold out locally and earned Cabrera a record deal with Atlantic. Probably the best-dressed guy with an acoustic guitar you'll ever see, Cabrera is touring behind his latest album, You Stand Watching, which features catchy, radio-friendly guitar pop sure to get teens bouncing and older people ordering stronger drinks.


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