Rx Bandits at Culture Room July 7

Foursome the Rx Bandits first appeared on the national scene in the mid- to late '90s as part of a particularly promising class of Southern California ska revivalists. Band founder Matt Embree went to the same Orange County high school as members of two other bands that would rise out of the same scene to pop prominence: Reel Big Fish and Save Ferris. Like their peers in school and in music, the guys in Rx Bandits (originally known as the Pharmaceutical Bandits) married a particularly beachy brand of upbeat ska with hefty doses of bright New Wave and rock.

By the turn of the millennium, though, the group was turning away from subcultural constraints. Instead, the Rx Bandits sound became more experimental, embracing a wider range of genres. It was a wise move that's allowed the band to keep going strong into 2011.


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