Rusted Root

Hippies of South Florida, unite! Grab that favorite tie-dyed T-shirt from the pile of clothes in the corner — you know, the heap of stuff too dirty for the closet but not quite ready for the wash. Slip on your Birkenstocks, break out your hacky sacks, and load up on granola and brownies. No, not those brownies. Oh, who the hell are we fooling? Yes, those brownies! And what's this occasion so worthy of full-blown hippiedom? Rusted Root is coming to Revolution Live!

That's right, hot on the heels of the band's May release of its latest studio album, Stereo Rodeo, Rusted Root is bringing its energetic and famously eclectic live show on the road. The group is best known for a hybrid sound blending bluegrass and rock, with pronounced percussion unifying influences from Africa, Latin America, and India. Oh, and it's known, of course, for spawning a fan base known as Rootheads, comprising mostly college kids who boisterously sing along to "Send Me on My Way" in their hotboxed cars with the track blaring and set to repeat.


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