Roy Haynes and Danilo Perez

Danilo Perez (shown here) and Roy Haynes will bring their roots maneuvers to the Deauville

Roy Haynes, born in Boston in 1925, is one of the most recorded jazz drummers in history and has been a major name in the jazz world for half a century. His early work was with the Sabby Lewis big band, Frankie Newton, and Luis Russell in the late Forties. He went on to play for the Charlie Parker quintet from 1949 to 1952 and occasionally filled in for Elvin Jones, playing with John Coltrane's classic quartet in the early Sixties. Haynes has been around since the beginning, playing with pretty much every big name in jazz. Unlike most famous jazz drummers, Haynes has been somewhat of a rogue, never associated with a particular band, until his most recent project, the Roy Haynes Quartet.

Performing four nights later, and trading the drum set for a piano, three-time Grammy nominee Danilo Perez will be playing jazz tinged with his unique blend of American and African sound influenced by his Panamanian heritage (he was born there in 1966). Perez, who played with Haynes in the Roy Haynes Trio, is known for his uncanny ability to improvise, sometimes even having his ensemble play in different time signatures and actually making it sound good.

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