Roller Disco: A Five-Part Guide to Partying on Wheels

Roller Disco: A Five-Part Guide to Partying on Wheels
Photo by Alex Markow

Disco ain't dead. Neither is roller skating. And it just so happens that they go together like pastel colors and leisure suits.

Grand Central co-owner Rico Lespagnon remembers the old days, and he's been bringing back the fun, funky, music-centric vibe of the 1970s with his monthly Roller Disco getdown.

Don't know much about partying on skates? No worries, babe. Just keep cool. Practice your figure eights. And check out Rico's five-part guide.

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Vinyl Only

"We try to bring the old DJs that knew this era," Lespagnon says. "I ask them to play vinyl only, because I think that matches with this era. The sound is different, the attitude of the DJ is different, the selection, the way they mix and change the disc is very different. Today, most DJs change the track every 40 or 50 seconds, but we used to play the track from beginning to end. You used to celebrate the artist who made the record. He made the record with an intro, a middle, a break, and an end."

Keep Cool

"Uptempo disco at 120 to 130 BPM, I think it's too much for roller skates," Rico explains. "We try to use cool disco, more R&B and more funky. There is a difference between the disco that everybody is used to hearing, like Gloria Gaynor and the Bee Gees, and roller disco. DJ Danny Krivit taught me that Roller Disco is a genre. It's disco, but something cool, easy, smooth. There is also a dance space in the middle of Grand Central, people without skates, and we have to make everybody dance. So we play every kind of music."

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