Roger Sanchez

Party thump-producing icon Roger Sanchez will pack the house at Mansion this Saturday. Well, that's his intention at least. Fresh off a South American tour, the New York City native began a rare, two-week North American DJ tour in D.C. mid-May, with other stops including Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

He plans to visit the greatest clubs on the continent, promoting what he's known for—funky house beats backed by smooth vocals. The Grammy-winning producer is an enormous draw on the European club circuit and festival scene, and he's been at practically every Winter Music Conference. This time, he'll tease Miami with his new single, "2Gether," due out this summer. The track, featuring poet/rapper/musician K'naan as well as a sample from the B-52's, has already hit number one on the UK DMC Buzz Chart. Christine Borges


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