Rihanna's Top Ten Pics, Smoking Weed and Being Sexy

While looking through Bad Girl Ri Ri's Instagram gallery, we came to the conclusion that Def Jam's Barbadian princess should just be real and change her name to #Rijuana.

This chick don't need to wait till 4:20. She just wakes and bakes while dressed in some expensive lingerie. Or an autographed basketball jersey. Or nothing.

Thankfully, Rihanna's got some kind of crippling addiction to mass-media attention. So she closely documents every low-eyed moment of her diamond-fueled sexcapades with Mary Jane. And thankfully, we here at Crossfade have nothing better to do than mine those suckers and share them with you.

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One of the first pics on RiRi's Instagram account. And predictably, she started out as unapologetically as possible. Obvi, she just got out of her styling sesh for the morning, and she's been smoking fatties the whole damn time. This hot bitch be workin' it.

This grainy flick looks like some still from a nasty porno that we can almost make out on our stolen cable. Imagine, gentlemen, that she's not even smoking weed, but your umbrellas. Looks like she's pretty good at it, for a bad girl.

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