Rigo Luna

There was a time when Latin pop was a fun and inventive proposition, when singers like José Feliciano and Joe Bataan constantly pushed the envelope with music that wasn't afraid to challenge listeners. Rigo Luna's debut offers modern hope to those looking for something more than your standard Top 40 Latin bubblegum. Hailing from the predominantly Mexican-American barrio of East L.A., Rigo belongs to a new generation of young singers making R&B music aimed primarily at bilingual audiences. Album opener "Juana Maria" delivers a mix of modern R&B rhythms with subtle Spanish guitar chords, producing a sound that fits nicely somewhere between R. Kelly and Justin Timberlake. Club-oriented tracks "Entregate" and "Tonight" — featuring West Coast rappers Abusivo and Sporty Loco, respectively — convey the best aspects of Chicano hip-hop without sacrificing the Latin pop sensibilities that make Luna's music such an instant pleasure. — José Davila


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