Ricochet Bar and Lounge's Three-Day Anniversary Party October 23

That adorable midtown girl named Ricochet is celebrating her very first birthday. And Daddy — business guy and nightlife impresario Alan Roth — is so proud to see his baby turn 1 year old that he's letting the little lady spend three whole, mostly unsupervised, and certainly wild nights with a notorious 59-year-old male porn star nicknamed the Hedgehog, a ganja-fied member of the Marley clan, and a thugged-out Puerto Rican hip-hopper from NYC. Sound like the worst possible parenting ever? Well, just chill. 'Cause Ricochet isn't a human child. She's a bar and lounge. "It's a great feeling," Papa Roth says, musing about his toddling nightclub. "But I feel like she's just getting started. She's just starting to crawl." Indeed. And this Tuesday, sweet little Ricochet will crawl straight into the arms of Uncle Ronny, otherwise known as XXX film star Ron Jeremy, who'll command the stage for his live comedy debut during ladies' night. The following evening, she'll get high off a milk-bottle bong with reggae royalty Ky-Mani Marley. And then she'll end her b-day week with some bitches and brrrattt-brrrattt with Fat Joe. "Ricochet and I," Papa Roth enthuses, "are so excited!"


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