Rick Ross's Mouthwatering Maybach Munchies Thanksgiving Menu

If we could spend Thanksgiving hanging out with any rapper of our choosing, we would immediately select Rick Ross. Do we even have to tell you why?

For starters ... He's The Boss! And he's one of the phattest rappers alive.

But most importantly, the Teflon Don who (unlike God) never forgives, may be the most culinarily inclined MC of all time.

Here is a Thanksgiving Day feast, as prepared by Rick Ross's lyrics.

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The Boss loves to talk turkey
The Boss loves to talk turkey

Munchies: Turkey Bacon

Jam: "Sixteen"

The Boss Says: "Waking up to turkey bacon and my thick queen"

For breakfast: Ross's weight in bacon strips.

Rick Ross's Mouthwatering Maybach Munchies Thanksgiving Menu

Munchies: Champagne, Rosé, Purple Drank.

Jam: "Hard In The Paint Freestyle," "Aston Martin Music," "Hold Me Back,"

The Boss Says: "Champagne drown a bitch till she gotta pee," 'A lot of quiet time / pink bottles of Rosé," and "Then I start sippin' purple, got my shit screwed"

Immediately following breakfast, get to the booze! We've only listed some of the Don's favorite libations. But we're sure his Turkey Day fiesta comes with, like, casino-level alcohol supply.

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