Rick Ross Officially Recognized as "Bawse of the Year 2012"

Who's the motherfuckin' Bawse?

To Crossfade, it's always been Rick Ross (government name William Leonard Roberts II), the 300-pound football-lineman-turned-corrections-officer-turned-street-rapper-turned-Maybach-mogul.

He taught us to play 4-3 formation. He always emphasized the importance of hustlin', even while earning $22,913.54 per year from the Florida Department of Corrections. And he showed us how to make it rain money (literally), each and every day.

Finally, though, big homie's getting official recognition for his undeniable Bawse-iness.

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In GQ Magazine's new Men of the Year issue, the title "Bawse of the Year 2012" has been ceremoniously bestowed upon Ross.

Like a Bawse, Rozay say, "Fuck you."
Like a Bawse, Rozay say, "Fuck you."
Photo by Christian Weber via GQ.com

Acknowledging the honor, Rozay tells GQ in his deep, thick caramel croon: "It's been a power-player year," adding, "The moves I make, I ain't never in no rush."

And like any true Bawse, he's got a couple chunks of advice for all y'all wannabe Bawses:

1. "For Christmas go get yourself an MMG tattoo."

2. "Let's all stop smoking blunts; let's smoke out of papers."

Stay Bawse-y, son.

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