Richard Vission

Richard Vission is the perfect musical complement to Jersey Shore. And it's not just that he looks like a cast member. His party-time take on house is the perfect soundtrack to which to fist-pump, fist-bump, and Jäger-bomb. Hell, the guy even used to have a sweet nickname (Humpty) like everyone on the show. Still, you have to give the man his due: Not only has he produced a slew of interchangeable club anthems, but also he's remixed pretty much everyone: Justin Timberlake, the Killers, OneRepublic, Gnarls Barkley, and lots of other heavyweights. The dude even remixed Prince. And while his music is as dumb as a coked-up Jersey boy after too many $3 Coronas, it's also kind of fun, as long as you're also coked up and/or feeling too many Coronas yourself. So if a third of your budget comprises hair gel, cologne, and protein powder, or you simply want to listen to music that makes you feel like it does, head to Nocturnal this Friday to catch Vission.


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