Rhett y Los Borrachos Empeñados

Classifying themselves as a retro-Latino act, Rhett y Los Borrachos Empeñados have worked hard to perfect the Latin-rock sound they've strived for since they began the band two years ago. Their music varies from sensitive soft-rock to faster funk, all the while maintaining the band's Cuban roots. All four members grew up in Miami and since forming have released their debut, Spanish-language album Entre Dios y El Diablo, which features "El Negro y La Balsa (Si Nos Coje Fidel)," a single that's been heavily rotated on MTV Español. Though the band is a four-piece that uses traditional rock instruments, the bandmates often have guest performers join them with saxophones, trombones, and keyboard. To promote Entre Dios, Rhett y Los Borrachos Empeñados will continue to play local gigs and possibly go on a cross-country tour this year.

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