Reel Big Fish
Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish at Revolution Live July 4

Before your first tribute tattoo, the only way to express your devotion to certain bands was to write their name in Wite-Out on your middle school JanSport.

Sandwiched somewhere between Nirvana's happy face and a Smashing Pumpkins heart doodle, you lovingly scrawled three monosyllabic words, proving you were a true music connoisseur and down with more than just grunge and alternative rock. In bold capital letters, "REEL BIG FISH" let everyone know you thought third-wave ska was the shit. It also made taking band class and learning to play the trumpet seem kinda cool.

Though your passion for brass instruments may have taken a back seat to your desk job as an insurance adjuster, the fire of third-wave ska still burns in your heart. And every time the guys of Reel Big Fish get together for a show, you round up a bunch of former bandmates and relive the glory. Because you're not a "Sell Out."


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