Ready to Rumble

The last time Anthony Rother was here, during this year's WMC, he had a packed Soho Lounge lit to the gills from his low-frequency bass riffs and synthesized vocals. While the atmosphere was more back-in-the-day -- all hand-raising reminiscent of rock concerts -- the electro-funk Rother threw down on his Roland TB-303 and TR-808 bass synthesizers was all future.

This time around, Rother and a deep lineup of live acts and DJs are getting together in the cavernous confines of downtown Miami's Ice Palace Studios for the Return of Magical Maydaze mega rave. Although Rother has established a significant fan base in South Florida thanks to local DJs like Exzakt and Salim Rafiq pushing his wax, the must-see act on the bill is headliner Karl Bartos, formerly of Kraftwerk and one of the seeds that spawned the electro tree.


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