Rattle Sundays at Mamushka's January 22 and every Sunday

People who don't like surf music are wrong. Sad and wrong. And because Miami hasn't had a night to celebrate the genre in quite some time, we would like to welcome Rattle Sundays with all kinds of stupid flailing.

This weekend, Mamushka's newish Sunday party will bring rockabilly, surf, doo-wop, and Motown to the dance floor. "Rattle is like therapy for me," party mastermind Jesus Trincado Manet says. "Without trying to sound corny, I get to dust off my old collection of rockabilly, garage, and surf, which is my roots."


Rattle Sundays

9 p.m. Sunday, January 22, at Mamushka's, 31 NW 36th St., Miami; 786-991-3823. Admission is free. Ages 21 and up.

Manet is a Miami native who grew up skateboarding around town, filming "stupid shit with friends," hanging out at Churchill's Pub, and sneaking into Overthrow parties. As Never Yawn, he produces heavy bass and holds down a rotating residency at the Vagabond's Shake and Get Low. He's also filming his first feature-length film, 7 Day Weekend, which he hopes to release by the summer.

The DJ and filmmaker wants Rattle to become "somewhere people... can get away from traditional crummy dance music." So expect stuff like the Cramps, Link Wray, New York Dolls, Gene Vincent, and the Soda Pop Kids. Oh, and plenty of cheap PBR and whiskey.


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