Rap's Top Ten Weird-Awesome Fashion Icons

Rap's Top Ten Weird-Awesome Fashion Icons

Rap and fashion have always gone together like suits and ties. Ironically, though, rappers who wear suits and ties belong among hip-hop's most boring dressers, right next to dudes in baggy pants and plain white tees.

It's about being flashy. It's not about being like everyone else. Sometimes, it's about having a lot of money. And sometimes, it's about looking fly despite being broke.

Some rappers are blessed with a more sophisticated fashion sense than others, and though they may attract the ridicule of basic bitches, they are the ones that future generations will remember most fondly. Today, we celebrate those brave souls who dare to push the boundaries and be themselves to the fullest.

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He started from the bottom, but now he's all "Versace." He's not the wackiest lookin' rapper to ever grace the stage. He's still a bit more concerned with making hearts swoon than forging a new path to couture greatness. Still, the self-proclaimed Champagne Papi occasionally gets crazy with color combinations and pattern pizzazz. Oh, and damn can the boy give some calf. The glasses and bow tie combination make him even more adorable.

2 Chainz

But the real king of Pattern City is none other than the artist formerly known as Tity Boi. He's different, he's surreal, and he really loves the Gucci suits. He doesn't care if traditional fashion etiquette says you don't cover your body in head-to-toe leopard print, or top-to-bottom camouflage, or all-over gold and shiny. In his world, the gaudier the better. We couldn't agree more. It's quite punk rock, when you think about it.

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Slick Rick

The original, undisputed Sultan of Swag is none other than Slick Rick the Ruler. He started the whole gold chain game. He rocked a kingly crown before there was ever the mention of a throne. His signature eye-patch is fashionable and functional, as he was blinded in his right eye by broken glass as an infant. That's how you turn a negative into a positive. Oh, and he's pretty much the silkiest rapper in history.

Lil Wayne

No one's got the stoner skater look on lock like Lil Tunechi. He's all about comfort and colors, and that means shirts are entirely optional. Hey, when you've got as many tattoos as Weezy, you want to show 'em off. He's always happy to show off the Trukfit boxers, and he'll always have super fly shoes. The hair is natural. Be jealous.

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