Rap Music's Top Six Paternity Suits

Did you know that Ol' Dirty Bastard had 13 kids, three of whom he neglected to pay child support for in 1997 alone? Illegitimate children are overwhelmingly common in rap music.

From Brooklyn to the Louisiana bayou, rappers' baby mamas have tried pushing paternity suits on their rhyming exes ever since the scientific community introduced polymerase chain reaction tests in the 1970s. Even Miami's Pitbull and Rick Ross have had to deal with alleged baby-mama drama over the years.

But a rapper demanding a paternity test when he's $160,000 deep in unpaid child support? That's not only risky but also Juvenile.


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Cash Money Millionaire Juvenile recently filed court documents to determine the legitimacy of his 13-year-old son, insisting it's for "procedural reasons to get custody."

"I hope the test proves that he is mine," Juvenile tells TMZ. But either way, it's OK, homie. 'Cause if the New Orleans rapper is not the father, he's off a $160,000 hook.


In 2004, Monique Wayne filed a successful paternity suit against rapper DMX. In 2006, Earl "DMX" Simmons told Sister 2 Sister magazine that Wayne "raped" him after a night at the club, claiming his "dick be out" when he sleeps.

Wayne filed a defamation lawsuit, and a judge ordered DMX to pay $1.5 million for putting his foot in his mouth, known in the legal community as compensatory and punitive damages.

Butsa Ryhmes

Busta Ryhmes, real name Trevor George Smith, was allegedly busting more than quick-wit rap verses the night he and Jill Miskelly had sex in January 1998. Results of a paternity test proved Busta was the father of Miskelly's daughter, Mariah.

Despite the fact that the rapper was paying $1,200 a month in child support prior to the test, Miskelly took his ass to court and demanded more money.

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