Rap and R&B's Worst '90s Ripoffs

Rap and R&B's Worst '90s Ripoffs

The '90s are back! The fashions, the music, the attitude. There are more people Rollerblading by the beach than we've seen in about 25 years. (Wow, it's been too long!)

Now, we couldn't be more excited about the return of the most bleakly apathetic decade in pop culture. But along with the return of flannels and overalls, acid wash and jelly shoes, modern rap and R&B are rehashing a bunch of classic '90s anthems.

Sometimes, we can dig it. Sometimes, it feels like blasphemy. Sometimes, it's so mind-bendingly stupid, we just can't understand who OK-ed the hook. Here are the bad, the worst, and the totally what-were-they-thinking.

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7. Drake's "Draft Day'

We're starting our list off with an example of how to do things right. Lauryn Hill might not be stoked on this sampling of "That Thing," or maybe she is. Drake is pretty much on his king shit right now. We feel like Drizzy brought it hard enough on this record to justify the use of a classic beat. He made it his own. We can't say much for the rest of this list.

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