Random Movement

Disregarding genre pigeonholing (i.e., ignoring all the drum 'n' bass-specific high-hat mayhem), if Random Movement's sound were to be correctly placed in a hypothetical spectrum, it would be next door to The Orb. Originally a collaborative d'n'b effort between Jack Sheets (DJ Shapeshifter) and Columbus, Ohio native Mike Richards (also known as mjr), Random Movement is now solely Richards. Although Sheets was the more experienced DJ going in, Richards was pretty much in command of the ship from the beginning, owing to his many years of musical study.

This discipline is reflected in the vibe of his songs, comprising faraway, loose-swinging, deep, and soulful sounds. Random Movement's songs receive painstaking fine-tuning. Labels such as Innerground, Creative Source, Liquid V, Bingo, Progress, Timeless, Zeropoint, and most recently Nu Directions have picked up singles. Collaborations with Focus (formerly of Basic Operations) have landed record deals with Bingo and Innerground as well. And since September 2007, Richards has run the Random Movement Radio show on Bassdrive.com, hitting the cyber-airwaves from 5 to 8 p.m. every Wednesday.


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