Ramhaus Records Presents

This past week, Miami's Peasants with Feathers abruptly announced (all in lowercase on their MySpace page, mind you) their intention to abandon the music business.

That's probably a huge bummer to the folks at Churchill's, because PWF appears to have been eighty-sixed from Ramhaus Records' January 19 mini band-a-thon. Fortunately goth-metal quartet Phoenix Nebullin will be on hand. Its Meridian CD was released in November by Ramhaus.

Of course there'll also be more mosh fodder than you can shake a busted septum at (providing you can shake a busted septum, which, well, we're pretty sure you can). Cape Coral's Code Zero has been around for a couple of years now, playing wherever there's electricity, and the band is splitting its gig time between Florida and Delaware for the month of January. The threesome finished its new Ramhaus album in December with the help of Justin Alderman, and was delighted (or whatever emotion a group of slapheaded punks feels when good news comes) to be assigned both a tour manager and promotions manager by the label. Soundwise it's Ramones-ish meets Sid Vicious-ish. — Eric W. Saeger


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