Ramadanman and Zed Bias at Eve April 23

Dubstep was impossible to avoid at last month's Miami Music Week. Even electro-house megaproducers such as Fedde Le Grand and Benny Benassi threw down some dubby stuff during their Ultra Music Festival sets. So it's safe to say the womp-womp has hit its saturation point. And though plenty of producers continue to innovate within dubstep proper (whatever that means anymore), it's definitely time to check out the next evolution of bass music.

If you missed some of the more forward-looking parties that week, like Trouble & Bass and the Overthrow's castle jam, this Saturday at Eve is a good place to start. The downtown throwdown stars two producers new to most Miami audiences — up-and-comer Ramadanman and UK garage veteran Zed Bias. Both play sounds that are loosely based on the low end, but rarely rely on the easy reverse-warp bass line. And they also share a predilection for two-step garage, a kind of skittering urban English dance music.

Where Ramadanman often takes this approach in a more experimental direction, Zed Bias goes straight for the gut. His sound is unabashedly female-friendly, with mixes full of silky vocals and ragga chants. Another flavor they will no doubt dig out is UK funky, a Caribbean-tinged mishmash of house, garage, broken-beat, and even dubstep that's beginning to infiltrate the English charts.


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