Q-Burns Abstract Message

In this hyperaccelerated digital age, when old methods of musical delivery quickly become outmoded relics, Q-Burns Abstract Message (born Michael Donaldson) is bringing the eight-track back! First he remixed Lawrence Welk, a strange bedfellow to other mixes he has done for the likes of the Chemical Brothers and Meat Beat Manifesto. Now he's actually reviving a long-dead music format? Is he stuck in a time warp? Well, not exactly, but the DJ/producer behind Orlando's perennially cool Eighth Dimension Records has launched a new vinyl-only label called Eight-Tracks. Equally grounded in art and music, it will attempt to channel some of the excitement Donaldson felt as an Eighties baby devouring sleeves and tunes from the legendary UK labels Factory and ZTT. He'll no doubt put those platters — and probably some MP3s or something — to excellent use when he hits SoBe for a fun set of (possibly libidinous) house and funk.


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