Q-Burn's Abstract Message

Truth be told, Q-Burn's message is no more abstract than "get thee under the mirror-ball and shake yo' ass." The former Rollins College (Orlando) DJ is a master at blending software and electronics with live instruments to create bump-and-groove house tunes, weaving his own guitar riffs and drum breaks into his bouncy synth beat-ology. Along with his relentless touring schedule (which has included opening slots for Fatboy Slim, Josh Wink, Chemical Brothers, Gus Gus, and Lo Fidelity All-Stars), he never met a remix opportunity he didn't like (Faith No More, Rabbit in the Moon, and Britney Spears top his list of credits).

The seeds of Q-Burn's sound were sown when he was 15 years old. Armed with a guitar and a Juno 106 synthesizer, he launched a short-lived punk band, later moving on to another group in which he programmed drum loops and coaxed other sounds out of tape and reel-to-reel decks. These experiences left him with a lot of sampler and synth chops, which he parlayed into his current sound, wherein it's often difficult to tell where the acoustic ends and the synthetic begins. He's at work on his fourth album for a 2008 release.


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