Psychobilly Spookshow Saturdays

George Van Orsdel has taken his penchant for rockabilly, punk, and horror to a whole other level. The ubiquitous hometown favorites the Van Orsdels have begun their own monthly party, dubbed Psychobilly Spookshow Saturdays, at the spookiest venue in Miami, Churchill's Pub. Van Orsdel made his name in Miami as a member of the legendary Fuck Boyz, Cell 63, and Fay Wray. Since 2003, and over the course of a few lineup changes, the Van Orsdels have built a reputation as one of the most exciting live acts in South Florida. Their shows exude a familial party atmosphere chock full of ghoulish schlock and groovy, pomped-up boys. This vibe is fully extended at the event, which will include horror movie screenings and lots of great bands, including Hialeah's new all-girl favorite, Outre Violet.


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