PrunkTV: Rocky Love

I saw Rocky Love in the parking lot across the street from Churchill's about an hour and a half ago (it is 3:30 a.m. as I write this), and I promised him that I'd put this video up on Miami New Times, so here it is Rocky.

I am a man of my word. A man has nothing but his word...and his balls. Most people have gone to that gas station across the street from Churchill's at one time or another to purchase quarts of beer, snacks, gas, or cigarettes, ya know? Maybe you have seen Rocky Love at 2 in the morning with that old school steering wheel Back to the Future bicycle, and attached boom-box blaring some Hot 105 shit. Well, he has put out a new CD entitled, Bust A Nut. Oh, and there's that guy thats always selling watches. Love you! Miami is my baby!


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