PrunkTV: Cash Money Heroes, Part 2

I'd rather be pushin' flowers, than in the pen sharin' showers.

Most Prunk TV episodes get like 60-200 views in a month. But, this Cash Money episode that I put up on Monday has almost 4,000 views as of this writing. People are putting up comments on You Tube like: its getting leaked sometime this month for sure. Before 2010 for sure. Starting off the new year with a #1 smash hit from the Cash Money Heroes!!. Prunk Tv is gonna release another snippet of the song in a few days. After that it will be out hopefully. MP3s will only be given to a few ppl, sorry.

WHAT? Cash Money Heroes is going to be massive, and you are hearing it for the first time right here on Crossfade, Miami's number one music blog. Now, one of my New Year's resolutions is to get PrunkTV on an actual TV station. Ya hear me? People keep asking me if I asked Birdman any questions about Lil Wayne's upcoming jail sentence. Hell no! That is none of my business. Just watch the video. Feel the video. Have a holly jolly X-mas. See ya.


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