Propagandhi is coming to South Florida this month for another shot at an actual live concert experience. Fans of the long-running thrashy punk band from Canada may or may not be psyched to see it at the Culture Room, but you can be sure they will go, despite fierce competition from Langerado reschedules.

For starters, the band has never played down here. A show scheduled some eight years ago at the now-defunct Spanky's, on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, was flooded out. In 2002, the band canceled its scheduled show (with J Church) the day it was set to happen.

Second, Propagandhi rules. The group's blend of fast-paced, high-intensity sonic punk combined with insightful political commentary has struck a lasting note with fans since How to Clean Everything in 1993. Now they have a new one out, Supporting Caste; it's their first release away from Fat Mike's Fat Wreck Chords, on their own G7 Welcoming Committee imprint. The only drawback is that some of the smelly punks will have to ride their fixies a long-ass way and won't be able to get group rates and sympathy comps like they do at Churchill's.


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