Primus 3D Tour at the Fillmore Miami Beach November 10

Whoa, dude. Primus has announced its "first-ever traveling 3D-enhanced live musical performance." And it's gonna be "really trippy." That's what weirdo ringmaster Les Claypool tells Billboard, adding, "The past couple of years, Primus has gotten pretty psychedelic. We keep joking that we're bringing acid rock back to the masses." Moreover, according to Primus's official hype, "this groundbreaking tour" will "feature two sets per evening" and "a one-of-a-kind psychedelic experience, further enhanced by the fact that every show will also feature Quad Surround Sound." So yeah, expect red-and-blue goggles at the door, dread-headed hippie chicks doing the Daisy Chain, and extended "improv sections" wherein Primus "sort of jam[s] along with [its] visualist" while you writhe on the floor like an orgasming lizard.


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