"Popozao" and the Genius of K-Fed

"Popozao" and the Genius of K-Fed

Many are quick to judge Kevin Federline. The word douchebag has been used more than once by the media to describe this singer/songwriter/some sort of dancer (or something). There are many other labels the media and the public have given Mr. Federline: for instance, "scumbag," "loser," "pile of garbage that somehow learned to walk and talk," "a mistake," "husband of Britney Spears," and "shmevelbee" (this last one is a new term created only for use when mocking Kevin Federline). But these stone-throwers have missed the point completely. Here is the truth about Kevin Federline: He is a genius.

Think about it: "Popozao"? What conscious human being would try to seriously get away with naming a song that? That is the brilliance of Kevin Federline. All of his apparently misguided and reckless actions are actually carefully premeditated and designed, by him, as a grand piece of performance art loaded with commentary on modern politics and culture. Example: The character he created, "K-Fed," is intellectually incurious and blindly follows trends. This is Kevin Federline's critique of mainstream news media that have failed viewers by neglecting to ask important questions or challenge mainstream ideals. Federline is not alone. We are blessed to have a slew of folks who belong to this movement: Bill O'Reilly, Simon Cowell, Paris Hilton, Larry the Cable Guy, and the producers/cast of the MTV show Next are just a few. Lazy, uncreative writers use Mr. Federline as an easy "joke" to "fill space" in their "alternative weekly newspapers" when they should be thanking him for sacrificing his own identity for the greater good of society. He does it because he cares about us. He does it because he loves his country. Thank you, Kevin, and "Popozao." "Popozao" to everyone.


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