Pop Gossip: Ten Hottest Messes of 2012

Pop gossip. Most of us want to believe that we're too intelligent and cultured to be fascinated with such gutter-trash information, but the reality is we all love to sniff the dirty underwear of the stars.

Whether it's a child star blossoming into a full-fledged sex symbol, a battered woman who can't stop loving her sexy tormenter, a once-beloved starlet spiraling out of control, fluctuating weight from hell, or someone who just doesn't know how to shut the fuck up, all of us non-stars are obsessed with keeping tabs.

This year, certain famous people saw more action than others. Let's take a trip down memory lane and see who were indeed the vilest, most interesting, hottest messes of them all.

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Lady Gaga

Mother Monster is always doing crazy things to get some attention. That's her job, that's her modus operandi. But at least this year, when she went all crazy shaving her head and tweeting near-nude photos of herself, it was because she was championing some cause. This year, we found out Gaga struggles with eating disorders, her own fame monster, and holding in the contents of her stomach on stage. At least she's raising awareness.


This was a big year for the Madge. She started with a bang when she visited our city for Ultra Music Festival. She may be way over that hill, but apparently she still has threesomes with Avicii and dat white girl. And because she's got such a damn good feeling, she spent the next few months stripping all over the place, flashing boobies and ass cheeks like they wouldn't be viewable come NYE. Her new album is kind of lame, but her tour had people fired up all over the world. We actually had a really good time, so we guess we forgive her for all that sexy drug innuendo. You go girl 54-year-old woman.

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